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Собрание сочинений Троцкого в 23 томах, 1924-1927

Текст уцелевших томов доступен в электронном виде (тут), в виде скана (тут). Скан оглавления (тут).
Ниже дан список всех 23-х томов, разбитых на 7 серий. Намного более подробная информация об этом издании здесь.

Работа над 23-томным изданием началась в 1923-м, и была прервана в 1927. В западных библиотеках уцелело 12 томов в 15 книгах, вышедших с 1924 по 1927 год. Очень немногие библиотеки имеют полный набор этих 12-ти томов, в основном только отдельные тома. Эти книги крайняя библиографическая редкость. В 1963 году было осуществлено репринтное издание этих 12-ти томов в 15-ти книгах. Вот оно то и доступно в библиотеках.

В конце вышедшего в 1925-м году 12-го тома имелось оглавление всех 23-х томов.

   Seriia I. Podgotovlenie Oktiabria.
Tom I. O kharaktere russkoi revoliutsii (нет)
Tom II. 1905. (ч1. 1925. XII, 648 pp. ч2. 1927. VIII, 447 pp.
Tom III. 1917. (1. Ot Fevralia do Oktiabria. [1924]. LXXII, 466 pp. 2.Ot Oktiabria do Bresta. [1924]. IX, 451 pp.)

   Seriia II. Pered istoricheskim rubezhom.
Tom IV. Politicheskaia khronika. 1926. XII, 647 pp.
Tom V. Vnutripartiinye voprosy. (нет)
Tom VI. Balkany i balkanskaia voina. 1926. XXIV, 503 pp.
Tom VII. Na mezhdunarodnye temy. (нет)
Tom VIII. Politicheskie siluety. 1926. VIII, 373 pp.

   Seriia III. Voina.
Tom IX. Voina v politike. (9-й том вышел под названием Evropa v voine. 1927. XII, 420 pp)
Tom X. Frantsiia v voine. (нет)
Tom XI. Rabochee dvizhenie v epokhu voiny. (нет)

   Seriia IV. Problemy mezhdunarodnoi proletarskoi revoliutsii.
Tom XII. Osnovnye voprosy proletarskoi revoliutsii. [1925]. VI, 477 pp.
Tom XIII. Kommunisticheskii Internatsional (Ot kruzhkov k partiiam: 1917-1921). 1926. VII, 247 pp
Tom XIV. Kommunisticheskii Internatsional (Novyi etap: 1921-1924 gg). (нет)

   Seriia V. Na puti k sotsializmu.
Tom XV. Khoziaistvennoe stroitel'stvo Sovetskoi respubliki 1927. XV, 600 pp.
Tom XVI-XVII. Sovetskaia respublika i kapitalisticheskii mir (Vnutrennoe i mezhdunarodnoe polozhenie respubliki).(XVI нет) XVII-й вышел в двух томах: 1. Pervonachal'nyi period organizatsii sil. 1926. XV, 748 pp 2. Grazhdanskaia voina. 1926. XII, 662 pp.
Tom XVIII. Na partiinye temy. (нет)

   Seriia VI. Problemy kul'tury.
Tom XIX-XX. Kul'tura starogo mira. (XIX нет), XX. Кul'tura starogo mira. 1926. VIII, 579 pp.
Tom XXI. Kul'tura perekhodnogo perioda. Kul'tura perekhodnogo perioda. 1927. XI, 520 pp
Tom XXII. Literatura i revoliutsiia. (нет)

   Seriia VII. Lenin i leninizm.
Tom XXIII. Kniga o Lenine. (нет)

(upd: латинские цифры после года издания это количество сраниц предисловия)

Аннотация к содержание каждого из томов, на англ. яз:

Volume II (issued in two parts) contains Trotsky's writings about the 1905 Russian revolution and the critical phase preceding it. Most of the articles assembled in this volume were originally written between 1904 and 1909 and were also published in Trotsky's collection titled 1905.

Volume III (issued in two parts) deals with the revolutionary events of the crucial year 1917. Most of the writings, speeches etc. are dating from 1917, showing Trotsky as an outstanding agitator, orator etc. When the first part of volume III went to press in autumn of 1924, Trotsky added his polemical essay 1917 — Uroki Oktiabria [1917 — The lessons of October], a vitriolic attack on his then inner-party opponents, as author's introduction; thus launching or provoking a crisis within the party leadership which eventually would end in the defeat of the Left Opposition and thus of Trotsky himself.

Volume IV chiefly consists of writings from 1901 to 1914 which were originally published in the Russian, European and émigré press, thematically focusing on Russian politics and events. It contains a considerable number of articles which Trotsky had contributed to Vostochnoe Obozrenie, Iskra and to the Vienna Pravda.

Volume VI is a compilation of Trotsky's articles on the Balkan wars (1908-1913), many of them originally appearing inKievskaia Mysl' and Vienna Pravda.

Volume VIII mainly contains sketches of contemporary political figures originally published, among others, inKievskaia Mysl', Nashe Slovo, and Nachalo between 1908 and 1925.

Volume IX chiefly consists of writings which also appeared in Trotsky's collection Voina i revoliutsiia (1923) and which were written between 1914 and 1917 on the subject of European diplomacy and politics and the First World War; many items originally appeared in Nashe Slovo (Paris) and Novyi mir (New York).

Volume XII assembles writings from the early 1920s about problems derived from the experiences of the Russian revolution of 1917 and its aftermath, among them Mezhdu imperializmom i revoliutsiei (1922), Novaia ekonomicheskaia politika sovetskoi Rossii i perspektivy mirovoi revoliutsii (1922) and last not least Trotsky's vitriolic polemic against Kautsky, Terrorizm i kommunizm (1920).

Volume XIII compiles Trotsky's writings, speeches, and reports about the attempts to build up a new, Communist International; this volume is almost identical with the collection Piat let Kominterna which has been translated, too.

Volume XV reflects Trotsky's evolving ideas concerning the economic reconstruction of the young soviet republic (1919-1920), among them his writings and speeches on the so-called militarization of labour and on economic planning. In this volume many items from Pravda and from other official party and government publications have been reproduced, while other items have been taken from originally confidential party documents.

Volume XVII consists of two parts; they chiefly contain writings, speeches and other documents written during the years of the civil war (1918-1921) when Trotsky was creator and chief of the Red Army. An almost identical compilation is Trotsky's Kak vooruzhalas revoliutsiia [How the revolution armed].

Volume XX assembles writings from 1901-1902 and from 1908-1914 about literary, aesthetic and cultural subjects; most of these writings are represented, too, in Trotsky's famous collection Literatura i revoliutsiia (1924).

Volume XXI contains items on questions of literary criticism, culture, science and education written during 1923 and 1925.

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